Governments Stands

Governments stands on Ram Janam Bhumi Case/ issue

Mr. Narendra Modi P.M. whose Rajya abhishek included the ashes of funeral pyre of 59 unfortunate Ram Worshippers in S- 6 Bogies of Sabarmati Express on 27 February 2002 at Godhra Railway Station in Gujrat State. The same P.M. today visits a mosque but did not visit Ram Lala at Ayodhya. “Chief Servant (Pradhan Sewak) in a coat and pant worth 10 lakh and Ram Lala in a Tent.” May he congress or BJP they are two sides of the same coin. All of them have sold out Ram. They need the issue of Ram but nobody needed Ram Mandir. Now the matter is before Hon’ble Supreme Court and now it would be decided by Supreme Court as to which place Ram had born. However BJP in power at Centre as well as in the State would do little. It is in majority in Lok Sabha and in Rajya Sabha and may bring an ordinance and build Ram Mandir. It wants to sell out Ram and his name and the helpless Hindus have no option except to vote for BJP.

The congress party which crushed 86% people for the sake of 14% votes, always opposed Ram Mandir and Bharatiya Janata Party in the name of Ram reached 282 seats from 2 seats in Parliament (Lok Sabha) but none is willing to build Ram Mandir.