Our Courts on Ram Janam Bhumi

Our Courts on Ram Janam Bhumi Case

It has been held by the Hon’ble Supreme Court that this matter would be decided on issue of title suit. However what is the point of time of the title? From Treta yug when Ram was born, from Setyog , from Dwaparyug or from 1850 when first civil suit was filed, or from 1947 when India became Independent or from 22 January 1950 when Civil Suit No. 2 was filed before the Court at Faizabad. It’s all in the womb of future.

Ironically Apex Court said that Ram Mandir Case does not come in its priority where how to get pleasure and serve the pleasure by un natural way, gay rights , 377, nailed adultery law etc.. cases are in the priority cases in the eyes of Supreme Court.

Assistance of Scotland and the Investigating Agency had been sought in order to examine 30 years old Papers of the then Chief Justice of India in the Year 2001 and the Judges of the Supreme Court would not point out as to when and where was Ram appeared 12 lakh years ago. There can be no bigger example of “Andher Nagari, Chaupat Raja”.