Our Opinion

Our opinion on Ram Janam Bhumi Dispute/case

Building a Grandeur Ram Mandir at the Ram Janam Bhumi. On the Planet namely Prithvi where we live, are living more than 250 countries. However among all those countries there is no country where 80% population is associated with a Particular religion, and for the politics of appeasement 14% people of a Community have suppressed the religions rights of 80% population and they are not allowing to build a temple of their worshipped god. On the other hand, Iran is a country where 20% population of Muslims converted 80% population into Islam and declared Iran as a Muslim (Islamic) to Nation within less than 25 years. However, India is a country where 4% muslims once upon a time have become 14% and conseque4ntly 90% Hindus came below 80% and all this could be because of the politics of appeasement.

Ram an identity of India. It is true beyond any doubt that Mir Baki Senapati of Robber Babar had demolished Ram Mandir and built a mosque as proved by the Report of ASI. In January 1993, the Central Government brought on ordinance on Ayodhya and acquired the land in question which is called as Act No. 33 of 1993. I still recall the Affidavit filed by Dr. Ismail Faroqui on behalf of Sunni Vakf Board which proved that in case there had ever been a temple on the land in question they would quit their claim. Whereas it has been proved from the ASI Report that there existed Ram Mandir Even then the Muslim Party have habitually denied their promise. Hindu Community has faced two Robber, once Muslim Robbers (Invaders) and second Christen Robbers (Invaders). Though the Christian Invaders deserve thanks that they looted and left but the Muslim invaders the descendants of Babar not only robbed us and our temples, demolished the same but they converted as Muslims those who had failed to pay the Jajiya Tax. Even after Pakistan was formed Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi and son in law of Jawahar Lal Nehru were allowed to stay in India even after Partition of India and the wound of Partition has today become an incurable disease for Hindus. They have presented 100 crores Hindus to build a Ram Mandir of their worshiped god.